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A mathematical medley : fifty easy pieces on mathematics /

Szpiro, George 1950-

Providence, R.I. : American Mathematical Society ©2010

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  • Title:
    A mathematical medley : fifty easy pieces on mathematics /
  • Author: Szpiro, George 1950-
  • Subjects: Mathematics -- Miscellanea; Mathematics; Science; Electronic books; Miscellanea
  • Description: Cover; Title page; Contents; Chapter 1. A baker's dozen; Chapter 2. Getting closer to the roots; Chapter 3. Mock functions; Chapter 4. Meanderings of a mathematical proof; Chapter 5. All roads lead to Rome; Chapter 6. Secrets hidden in numbers; Chapter 7. Prime time for primes; Chapter 8. Stamps and coins; Chapter 9. On the (Un)fairness of queues; Chapter 10. Run or walk on the walkway?; Chapter 11. Suspicious use of the digit "9"; Chapter 12. The letter writers; Chapter 13. Wobbly tables; Chapter 14. Bella Abramova Subbotovskaya and the "Jewish People's University"
    Chapter 15. No answer from Professor EkhadChapter 16. The yippie mathematician; Chapter 17. Sibling rivalry; Chapter 18. A diplomat with a love for numbers; Chapter 19. The "wunderkind"; Chapter 20. Brilliant but fallible; Chapter 21. The plane facts; Chapter 22. Creating bottlenecks; Chapter 23. All flights lead to Paris&#x;and Anchorage; Chapter 24. Long-distance flights are grounded; Chapter 25. Calculating on the left side; Chapter 26. Losing the language instinct; Chapter 27. Information overload; Chapter 28. The case for mental arithmetic; Chapter 29. How many moves to Rubik?
    Chapter 30. A puzzling puzzleChapter 31. Boring assembly debates; Chapter 32. A step too far; Chapter 33. Givers and takers; Chapter 34. Who wins tic-tac-toe?; Chapter 35. Liars and half-liars; Chapter 36. Perfect chequers ends in a draw; Chapter 37. The Talmud-A precursor to game theory?; Chapter 38. How the cake crumbles; Chapter 39. Spoilt for choice; Chapter 40. Selecting the best pope and the best song; Chapter 41. Follow the money; Chapter 42. Earthquakes, epileptic fits, and the stock market crash; Chapter 43. Don't shoot the messenger; Chapter 44. Fascinating fractals
    Chapter 45. In dubio (probably) pro reoChapter 46. Once upon a time there was a mathematical problem; Chapter 47. If only my ringtone were unique; Chapter 48. Enforcing voluntary cooperation; Chapter 49. Code or hoax?; Chapter 50. Crusade against sloppy mathematics; References; Back Cover
    Szpiro's book provides a delightful, well-written, eclectic selection of mathematical tidbits that makes excellent airplane reading for anyone with an interest in mathematics, regardless of their mathematical background. Excellent gift material. -Keith Devlin, Stanford University, author of The Unfinished Game and The Language of Mathematics It is great to have collected in one volume the many varied, insightful and often surprising mathematical stories that George Szpiro has written in his mathematical columns for the newspapers through the years. -Marcus du Sautoy, Oxford University, author.
    Translation of 20 stories from Mathematischer Cocktail and 21 stories from Mathematik für Sonntagnachmittag, with nine new stories.
    Translated from German.
    Includes bibliographical references (pages 233-236).
  • Publisher: Providence, R.I. : American Mathematical Society
  • Creation Date: ©2010
  • Type: Book
  • Format: 1 online resource (x, 236 pages) : illustrations..
  • Language: English
  • Identifier: ISBN: 9781470416065;ISBN: 1470416069
  • Source: 01IOWA ALMA
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    01IOWA ALMA51574598650002771
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    01IOWA ALMA21306103720002771

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