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Comfort control in buildings /

Castilla, Maria del Mar María del Mar Castilla author.

London, England : Springer 2014

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  • Title:
    Comfort control in buildings /
  • Author: Castilla, Maria del Mar
  • María del Mar Castilla author.
  • Subjects: Buildings -- Environmental engineering; Buildings -- Energy conservation; Electronic books
  • Description: Series Editors' Foreword; Preface; Acknowledgments; Contents; Acronyms; Symbols; 1 Introduction; 1.1 Historical Perspective; 1.2 Energy Management Inside Buildings; 1.2.1 EU-27 Present Situation; 1.2.2 Present Situation in Spain; 1.3 Scope of the Research; 1.4 Outline of Chapters; References; 2 A Case Study: The CDdI-CIESOL-ARFRISOL Building; 2.1 Introduction; 2.2 Assumed Strategies/Actions; 2.2.1 Building Enclosure; 2.2.2 Roof Shading; 2.2.3 Natural Ventilation; 2.2.4 Solar Cooling Installation; 2.2.5 Summary; 2.3 Sensors and Actuators Network; 2.3.1 Fieldbus Communication
    2.3.2 Sensors: Description and Location2.3.3 Actuators: Description and Location; 2.4 SCADA System; References; 3 Comfort in Buildings; 3.1 Introduction; 3.2 Defining Users'' Comfort; 3.2.1 Thermal Comfort; 3.2.2 Visual Comfort; 3.2.3 Indoor Air Quality; 3.3 Thermal Comfort Indices; 3.3.1 PMV Index; 3.3.2 Adaptive Indices; 3.3.3 Other Indices; 3.4 Visual Comfort Indices; 3.4.1 Illumination Level; 3.4.2 Glare; 3.4.3 Colour Rendering; 3.5 Indoor Air Quality Indices; 3.5.1 Indoor Air Quality Index; 3.6 Comfort Analysis; 3.6.1 Thermal Comfort Analysis by Means of PMV and PPD Indices
    3.6.2 Thermal Comfort Analysis by Means of Givoni Diagrams3.6.3 Indoor Air Quality Analysis by Means of IAQ Index; 3.6.4 Main Conclusions of the Comfort Analysis; 3.7 Conclusions; References; 4 Subsystems and Disturbance Models; 4.1 Introduction; 4.2 A Typical Office Room Modeling; 4.2.1 System Identification: Linear Time-Invariant Models; 4.2.2 Artificial Neural Network Model; 4.2.3 First Principles Model; 4.3 Calibration and Validation Methodologies; 4.3.1 Unknown Parameters Initial Estimation; 4.3.2 Obtaining the Final Value of the Unknown Parameters by Means of Genetic Algorithms
    4.3.3 Results Obtained from the Unknown Parameters Identification4.3.4 Validation Results; 4.4 Disturbance Models; 4.4.1 Time-Series Models; 4.4.2 Artificial Neural Networks; 4.5 Conclusions; References; 5 Comfort Control Techniques for the Users of a Room; 5.1 Introduction; 5.1.1 Thermal Comfort Control Strategies; 5.1.2 Visual Comfort Control Strategies; 5.1.3 Indoor Air Quality Control Strategies; 5.2 Theoretical Background; 5.2.1 Basic Control; 5.2.2 Model Predictive Control; 5.2.3 Nonlinear Model Predictive Control; 5.2.4 Hierarchical Control
    5.3 Some Approaches Using Linear Controllers for Users'' Thermal Comfort5.3.1 Thermal Comfort Hierarchical Predictive Control Strategy; 5.3.2 Classical Predictive Control System Approach; 5.3.3 A Comparison of Linear Controllers; 5.4 An Advanced Control System: A Nonlinear Controller for Users'' Thermal Comfort; 5.4.1 Optimisation Layer (Upper Layer): A Nonlinear Model Predictive Control Approach; 5.4.2 Control Layer (Lower Layer): Fancoil MISO Controller; 5.4.3 Results; 5.5 A Multivariable Nonlinear Controller for Thermal Comfort and Indoor Air Quality; 5.5.1 Introduction
    5.5.2 Formulation of the Multivariable PNMPC Approach
    The aim of this book is to research comfort control inside buildings, and how this can be achieved through low energy consumption. It presents a comprehensive exploration of the design, development and implementation of several advanced control systems that maintain users'' comfort (thermal and indoor air quality) whilst minimizing energy consumption. The book includes a detailed account of the latest cutting edge developments in this area, and presents several control systems based on Model Predictive Control approaches. Real-life examples are provided, and the book is supplemented by illustr
    Description based upon print version of record.
    Includes bibliographical references at the end of each chapters and index.
  • Publisher: London, England : Springer
  • Creation Date: 2014
  • Type: Book
  • Format: 1 online resource (257 p.).
  • Language: English
  • Identifier: ISBN: 1-4471-6347-8
  • Source: 01IOWA ALMA
    01IOWA ALMA51511998990002771

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